What Successful People know

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 10.48.06 AMAnyone who has listened to Jim Rohn or  Earl Nightingale, two of America’s legendary leaders of personal development and motivation knows that there are rules to be successful in any area of our lives.

After reading  the book of one of my favorite authors, I was glad to have come across some of the most priceless rules.

“Retire Young Retire Rich” by Robert Kiyosaki. In his book, I came across a very valuable yet simple piece of advice for people who plan to be successful. And it was so simple, so obvious, so easy, but according to him only a few have been able to imbibe them in today’s world. After being almost out of money and leaving his failing business at the age of 37 and , he retired rich at the age of 46. Being continuously asked how he had managed to become successful, he wrote,

Whenever I tell this story, the question I am asked is, “How ? How did you do it’? I then say, “It’s not about the how. It is about why. ‘”Without the why, the how would be impossible”

To be successful in anything in life, from successfully being a good mother to being a business tycoon, It is not the how to but why we do that is important. It is the why that gives you the power to do the how to.

According to Robert’s dad, “The reason most people do not do what they can do is because they do not have a strong enough why. Once you find the why, it is easy to find your how



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