In the process of growth we often forget ourselves

It is really easy to forget how far one has come just by thinking how much one is still yet to learn.

As a strong believer of the capacity of a human being to consciously elevate their lives, I easily find myself feeling bad or even sorrowful just by thinking about how much work I’m yet to still do on myself.

I need to work on being a better listener, I need to read more books. Wow, I need to try to work out more regularly to stay fit. When will my French become fluent? When will I get my life together ? 

Those are the questions I frequently ask myself.

I ask myself these sorts of questions so often that I forget how much I have grown as a person. I forget that my growth is a process and most importantly, I forget who I am now and how I have grown into a person of value.

More than ever, I wake up every day doing the very things that make my heart leap. I forget that I have finally become the person that consciously tries to surround myself with like-minded people and not just every person that smiled at me. I have grown into a young lady, who once craved people’s attention and numerous friendships, but is gradually enjoying solitude while maintaining the amazing friends she already has.

Few days ago, I asked some of my closest friends to define me with two words that made me different from others. Their replies warmed my heart and reminded me of how much I had changed  and some even mentioned that I still argue a lot (one of my annoying traits that I am still working on). Their replies brought about a new realization.

What I need is to  get a poster in my room to remind me that I am doing just fine and that eventually everything will come into place.

With dreams and goals as big as mine, It is essential that I have something that reminds me of all my progress, especially during the times when I feel like giving up on myself.



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