My 2016 #blessed 

2016 began in what I had once assumed to be the most perfect image my life had ever been.

However, God used life to teach me new lessons about knowing those who are worth my time, friendships and value. He also made me realize the potential of my mind and brains.

I watched a lot of friendships end for good and gradually I became surrounded by so much love and encouragement, that I slept most nights thanking God for how lucky and blessed I was. I had learned that the number of friends don’t matter if  they do not have the spirit of love in their heart. And I came to see how important and beautiful my family is, despite all our impections.

I watched the Nigerian economy deteriorate in ways that no one could have ever imagine and I also watched as God proved to me that, I was a treasure and destined for nothing less than greatness, a channel to make the world a better place.

I watched myself show love to a lot of people this year and encouraged them to rise to their full potential both strangers and people I already knew. I joined an organization, Texas economics association,that changed my life for the better and taught me so many things I never thought I’d ever know. I took some classes that challenged some of my inflexible and insensitive approach to the experiences of others.
None of this came easy as nothing good comes cheap. I went through a lot of mental change this year, channeled a lot of postivity, read and listened to so many financial gurus. I made resolutions and made up my mind to retire at the age of 40, unbelievable right? But I learned that only those who make serious financial plans will ever get results. 

This is not to say that I did not have my share of burdens and what others call “failures” even though they are teachers in disguise, in fact I looked for all the silver linings in every heartbreaking situation I encountered. 

2016 was the year I realized the abundant blessings of showing love in a world were being mean and a bitch is considered as cool and admirable. It is no surprise that this same world is filled with so much disregard towards humanity. It was also the year I discovered that knowing my self worth determines the caliber and substance of people that surround me. Once you do the right things, the right type of people will naturally settle into your life. 

I’m hopeful for a better 2017. I’m looking forward, most importantly,to be a better friend and family member to those around me, since I enjoy seeing postive changes in myself. I also look forward to more achivements, lessons, new beginning, challenges and postive friendships, what is life without those ?


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