To the few

To the few who have spent their whole lives trying to make others smile,
To the busy worms that barely have time for themselves,
To the warm hearts that are constantly thinking of making the world a better place,

Fall in love with yourself.

Do you know your favorite colors? Take time to find out.

What do you like to do for fun? Think about it.

Have have changed for the better ? How are you now?

Are the people you surround yourself with  helping you become a better person? If no, change them.

When last did you appreciate your family members and remind them how much you love them? If no, then do so.

Who was the last person you spoke to? Did they impact positively in you? If they didn’t, avoid people who waste your time on pointless arguments and the negativities of life.

Do you like what you see in the mirror everyday? If no, fall in love with yourself.

Its no crime, and its doesn’t cost much to think about yourself for at lease ten to twenty minutes a day.
Find time to treat yourself, spend some alone time meditating and think about your priorities.

Start a journal, this will let you to keep memories and important events. All US presidents keep one, so why shouldn’t you?

Reset your goals, watch a motivational short seminar on youtube by Jim Rohn, to change your life.

Learn to relax.

Life can sometimes be good, and other times bad. Appreciate the good days, and don’t let the bad days shrink you.

Stay positive and remain focused.

You are special and if you don’t think about yourself enough, you may never find anyone to think about you the way you really deserve.


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