The role books play in my life

On so many occasions, my younger sister has made comments to me about being almost exactly like my mother in terms of behavior. In so many ways i agree, just like my mum, i always pick up receipts, even when i buy candy. I also constantly find myself trying to help those around me. One of the very best traits that my mother imbibed in me is a passion for personal development.

Every now and then, i admire my little library of novels and personal development books, a majority of which my mother gave to me. My priceless collection comprises of a Robin Sharma collection about greatness,some sidney sheldon novels, biographies of some prominent figures, whom I admire and a couple of books about wealth, finance and investing.

These books serve as a major support system of my life, they not only spur my creativity but they serve as a major guidance to lead me to my goals. The more I read, the more excited I am about what the future holds and I am more driven to work on being a better me. The roles that books have played in my life has given me knowledge about industries, governments and even countries I have never knew existed.

Every time I read a book, I feel like I am talking to someone and hearing their story, belief and advice. Its like a whole new world to me as I feel like I am in a conversation with someone who has a message,I absorb attentively as i come to understand my authors and what they stand for. A fundamental observation that I believe that most books try to communicate is the need for we as humans to constantly seek to develop ourselves disregarding our age or status, in order to keep pace with the world.


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