My favorite setting 

Nowhere else is so peaceful and harmonious to nature than a beach located in a jungle. 

Imagine the lucious green trees in different shapes and sizes.Its almost impossible to not see a beautiful imagery with an harmonious rhythm to nature. Sounds like the garden of Eden.

I would happily spend my whole life in such a setting, if only I had no cares or responsibilities.

I would run through the jungle daily, with a scared excitement that I would not come in contact with any scary animal. I’d use such a place to learn how to climb the trees.I’d meditate peacefully in the morning and learn how to swim.

I’d eat the fruits from the trees when I’m hungry, stare into the skies and take long naps right infront of the shore. I’d write on rocks and roll in the sands carelessly. 

On such a setting, I would make dance steps to songs I’d make, make friends with some of the animals I meet there and drink coconut drinks to quench my thirst.

I wonder if such a place so peaceful and wonderful really exists.

And if so, I wonder if my parents will let me stay there. 

Such a place will be fueled with so much happiness, joy and content. And hopefully, far from human corruption, envy and hatred. 

Just an island full of so much love. 


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