The Summer of Change

The music of another room started out slowly and soon I was curious to find out what was in the room . I looked behind the curtains and there it lay; a stark difference from where I was. A more focused life, happier and full of so much self-confidence and self worth, created to inspire. The furniture offered all the personal attributes I have ever dreamed of.
I was faced between two things; remain in the past and hope that things get better or make moves to plan towards the future. 

I looked back to my present room,” I had gotten so used to it, i was done living like this, I was done moving around the roller coaster and slides” 

Looking at all the old furniture and spoilt pillows, I smiled at how naive I had once been and I was glad about everything. It was a time of change in all dimensions of my life. 

Happily, I stepped a foot into the other side and fearlessly walked towards the person I have always been trying to be. 

if you want to change your life to all you have ever dreamed of, all you have to do to change yourself. You don’t need new people in your life or new government in your economy, it all has do with is a change of you”-Jim Rohn 


5 thoughts on “The Summer of Change

  1. Excellent message. It seems ironic that we, as unique individuals, try so hard to be like everybody else and yet we really want to be distinct in our uniqueness. Somebody once said to Leo Buscaglia (a public speaker on humanities) “Thank goodness that you are you!” His response was quite succinct “Well I am pleased to hear that because I can never be anybody but me!” How easily we lose sight of who we really are, and what a revelation when we connect once again with the only person that we can really ever be… our self! 🙂

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      1. It’s always a pleasure to reinforce something that makes so much sense! We need to publish these kinds of “life concepts” as much as possible, and who knows what changes could happen! 🙂

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