How do we explain what death is?     

How do we understand it and get through the death of our loved ones?

They didn’t deserve it.

It all happened so quick, unexpected.

Do we get to say our last words?

How do we console our loved ones and ourselves?

When do we get through this?

 They slip away from us in the aisle of death and we can only hope that one day we will be reunited again as souls.


No one really deserves to die, so when death comes we are unable to know how to feel.

We hold on to depression and anguish.

Tears flood out during sleepless nights.

No, our lives will never be the same again.

The memories only make us feel worse.

We remember the events that they promised to attend for us.

We remember the imaginary happy moments we planned with them.

Did we tell them we loved them enough?

Did they know how we truly felt?

So many questions that need answers and we can only stay strong and watch as the waves move on slowly with remembrance just like we will.

 In honor of a very good friend’s mum, Mrs Joyce Asuwata. 

May her beautiful soul rest in perfect peace 🙏🏽


3 thoughts on “Death

  1. It is an interesting aspect of human nature that when somebody close to us dies, we generally self-focus. Why me? I didn’t have a chance to……….. How do I explain it to…? etc.etc.

    What if death was a wonderful release from our physical self? What if our souls did live on in a paradise? We would have reasons to celebrate the death and be happy that somebody close to us has left this imperfect world of ours for something much better! 🙂

    Whether we deserve to die or not (who could possibly “deserve” to die?), we are all going to die at some point… so why not embrace it as the next great adventure?

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    1. Thanks for the enlightenment 🙂
      It is always good to see things from a different perspectives. Never actually reasoned it this way, I’m sure my friend will be much consoled with this.

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