Leave them breathless

Unlike animals, humans are probably the most emotionally sensitive creatures alive. I can remember while growing up with four dogs in our home, my parents usually disciplined my dogs anytime anyone of them acted up. In fact, an event I can clearly recall was when my dad’s favorite, Lailai, purposely tried to beat up her grandma. My dad cautioned her to stop as she attacked the older dog but she ignored him and continued on. To cut the long story short, in order to stop the fight and avoid the grandma from incurring more injuries like she has had over the years, my dad thoroughly beat Lailai so much that I felt very bad for her. However, regardless of the number of times my parents disciplined my dogs, they have never for once seemed like they do not feel like a part of our family. In fact, they constantly seem to be excited to be a part of it. They still jump into the car every time we get home and they still jump on our beds to wake us up some mornings. Unlike many human beings, who are easily shaped by the actions of those around them, animals take more time to understand actions that are carried out with hatred and are not so sensitive to the actions of those around them. Unless in extremely bizarre cases.This realization of humans as extremely sensitive struck me only just recently through one of my favorite friend. 

One of the best people I have honestly ever met. She is such a sweet, pleasant, friendly and pretty girl and most days I can only wonder how my life this year may have been without her. Since few like her ever do exist, I was very eager to learn about her. Learn about what she likes and hates, how and why she is so kind and understand her better as a person. I find this very important because understanding people close to you makes you know how to put them in the best moods and avoid doing things that may get them angry or upset. In the process of this, I found a very fragile girl with a self-esteem that had weakened, as she grew older. She had grown up being made to feel that without makeup she looked extremely ugly and almost man-like. Some of those around her had also convinced her that the pimples on her face were horrific and that her lips needed a surgery. In fact, I was almost speechless the day she confided some of these things to me. And I was even more shocked that she believed them. Degraded words about her lips have been continuously uttered to her, by people who she may never be able to avoid. They included some close family members and childhood friends. What shocked me most about this was that, she is an extremely beautiful girl, her pimples were almost far from being obvious and if she had never pointed out that her lips had an issue, I may died never knowing about it. In fact, she is one of those girls that one may even be scared to invite to their weddings haha.

My point here is this, be kind in your words and actions to those around you in EVERY SINGLE WAY YOU CAN. Not everyone knows how beautiful and admirable they look and even those who know, need to be reminded regularly. Encourage your friends and family members with honest and good compliments, and watch them bloom their confidence like flowers. Leave them so breathless with love that they never doubt that they are important and special. The fact that my gorgeous friend was able to open up to me doesn’t means that your friend and my other friends, who may be like her, will do the same. Every now and then, I have taken it upon myself to fill my heart with love and make those around me feel breathlessly confident of themselves, due to this discovery. Nonetheless, in any way you can, seek to make the world a better place, and how else can you show love if its not to those around you?





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