Happy Birthday David

  My favorite type of people are those who are constantly thinking of life beyond the surface, those who use opportunities for revenge as chances to forgive others, those who establish extremely meaningful friends and are constantly looking for ways to make life easier for others, even if it meant making burdensome sacrifice.

Only a few of this sort of people exist.
And, they exist as some of the most humble people the world has ever seen
They always argue that they are imperfect, and they are constantly looking for ways to become better human beings and appreciate every single moment life as to offer.

Such people, such as the one who has his birthday today, give meaningful insights on life. They make good judgements and have obtained deep knowledge about what life is really all about.

If there is anything I’m hundred percent sure about; its that if one ever meets such people, one should never let them go.

You have taught me so much and I will always continue to relent on your wisdom.

Happy Birthday David Orakpo,
You deserve the best of what life has got to offer.
God bless your kind heart in abudance.

Best wishes now & forever,


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