My question to the world

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 9.29.51 PMIt would mean so much to me if anyone reading this could leave a reply below this post. Today, I’m not here to offer insight or make an observation of any kind. I have a question or rather a series of questions that have been causing me to think too much and probably even overthink. I guess bloggers can also ask their readers for some insight;

Why do some of us forgive people for actions they would not forgive us for? Why do we help people who don’t help us? We try to be free spirits and show as much love and help as we can, but yet some other people believe that they can decide to do what they want and get away with it.

Why are we  so happy that we don’t have time for revenge, even when sometimes its extremely necessary ? We move on with our lives like nothing ever happened not because we want to, but because we have so much love in our heart that we forget. 

What is it that makes us treat people’s problems like its ours? We run around and pray deep in our hearts that everything goes fine for them. Even when we ought not to and even when we really don’t know these people. And, even when we have enough reasons not to worry about them because we have our own worries.

Isn’t it sometimes insane that some of us get so happy when we see people achieving their dreams, that you’d almost think it was us who achieved it? Why is this ? That some of this people even get jealous when the slightest good thing happened to us.

Why is it that we try so hard to be positive to the problems of others even when all the reasons to be negative to lay before us? Why do we hope for good for them and why do they not even care for what we do ?

What makes a few of us too open that we can vibe to anything at anytime? We even control our own angry emotions just so that others don’t get affected by our problems? 

Why do we see life as Beautiful; a place to make special moments and learn from? Why do others see life as unfair and get spend most of their days in depression ?

Basically, why are some of us just so different from others, and why don’t this people see the need to be just like us?  Because in reality, its really just easier not to care about others but yet we do because we are trying to be the change we want to see in the world. We are constantly trying to promote peace, love, kindness and harmony but others speak a different language of anger, mood swings, pride and sadness. And how do we handle such people ?

I’m a lover of deep thinking and i always like to have a reason for my actions and i like to know the impact and the implications of my actions. Thanks so much for reading this if you did, and if you can, please leave a reply, you can make your name ‘anonymous or something”

Thank you.




5 thoughts on “My question to the world

  1. Probably because we are all different. Diversity is essential for us to live efficiently. I think love is a beautiful thing and everyone has love in them (Hitler inclusive), but absolute love is unattainable

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  2. You have far too many questions for a single post, but for the first one:
    “Why do some of us forgive people for actions they would not forgive us for?”
    Because we should not base our actions on what we perceive others will do. Should I be dishonest with you simply because I believe that you are dishonest? It makes no sense whatsoever. Why would I want to display traits that I dislike in others? It is far better to set the example of how we would like people to act. The old saying “Treat people the way you would like to be treated” is very accurate.

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  3. A great teacher was once asked by his follower: “how many times are we supposed to forgive people? Should we keep on forgiving even at the seventh time if their offending us?”
    The teacher said: don’t forgive seven times only. Forgive seventy x seven times.
    I believe this. Revenge is never necessary. It is just a desire in our hearts to prove to the world that we are not trash and can not be taken for granted. Meanwhile, we are lowering ourselves to the level of the person who wronged us.
    Being the better person is not for the sake of the person who wronged us, but for our own sake. It builds up a mature, calculated version of you, rather than a scheming, shallow-minded shadow of your real self.
    Dear writer, continue to be forgiving and loving. It only makes you a better, healthier person.

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