Never forget that our loved ones aren’t getting younger

Find time for the people and things that make you happy

We live in a world were time passes by fast. 2013 still feels like some months ago. It’s 2016 now and we live in an age were we easily lose touch  of what really matters. Many of us are forgetting that the people in your life today will not always be there. .We chase our dreams and we set a picture of the things we wish to have. For almost all of us, we can only be happy when we have all the cars, mansions, money, friends, fame and properties that constitute what we now call “happiness and achievement”.

We create images within ourselves of what will make us happy. Painting such beautiful and perfect pictures is everything we have been thought to live for.Why do children go to school?  Why do adults look for jobs? Why do companies expand? Why do multi nationals work harder to serve the world? Because no matter were we are we still keep drawing images and we forget the simple things that are almost as important as wealth.

Lets take a look back to 2000. Take a picture of how things were then for you, try and remember all the people who were in your life and compare how many of them are still there today. Also, try to remember those who died or are no longer mentally and emotionally available today. Even the whole world would admit that Michael Jackson is deeply missed by the world.

Now come back to today and take a picture of all the people you have even if all you have is a friend or a husband or even if it’s a dog or you and your family. For many, our lives have gotten better and for others maybe worse. But for all of us, our loved ones are aging and people we love are going to die or leave. No one is getting younger and we can’t reverse time yet despite all our technologies.

Now you may ask, where I’m I heading to ?

And I’d reply with this, ” sometimes take a walk from your life, imagine all the people in your life are no longer there. Imagine your life without your parents, siblings, that friend that is always by your side or that dog that constantly wags its tail when it sees you. Imagine you are as rich as Bill Gates with so much money and fame but you don’t have any of your loved ones by your side. Sad isn’t ? Now when last did you remind those you love how important they have to you. Do you think you are appreciating them well enough? ”

 Sometimes I love to think like this because everytime I do, it makes me value those I have( my family and friends).

Most times, when I think like this I realize that in life nothing will ever be perfect not even our pictures of happiness because one way or the other people we love are going to have to die and go as time passes by.

Live a life of love and avoid a life of wealth carassed with regret and pain. Work towards your goals appreciating those around you because they would not always be there.

Happy new year !!!

P.s: I know I’m late but it’s better late than never so whatever.


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