What we fear most?


 Our greatest fears lies in the unknown.

The whole concept of not making plans or not having one is obscure.

Even the laziest among us, still make plans on how to lazy around.

We wake up everyday with goals and dreams.

We do not want to be lost.

Being ahead of time, knowing what will happen, trying to visualize our futures or the years ahead are what we use most of our past times for.

We wake up to check the weather; to know how rainy or sunny or cold or warm it will be because we do not want to be caught off guard.

Unconsciously, such cautious habits translate in our psychological minds.

  And, so in the moment of unknown; in those moments when we do not know what will happen or what is even going on, we get scared.

Afraid, we run back to the past, we run out, we run in again, we run out.

Searching for where we should be or at least, were we are meant to be.

Many, run back in fear that nothing lives or survives outside the past, and continue living with the believe that the unknown isn’t an experience for them.

The courageous who stand to watch how this unknown wind and moment will unwrap are the few who get to experience lifes’ best moments.

They experience this wind and become enlightened to new ideas, new experiences.

Their answers on life’s mysteries unfold and gradually they become ‘those who we try to emulate’. 

But yet, we may never admit it but many of us lack the courage, focus and fearless heart to face the wind of unknown called Change. 


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