Hope this gets you to someone who needs this

 Recently, I’ve been so excited and happy. And, it’s not like there is a reason

Wait, don’t stop reading. I’m heading somewhere 

I’ve been super excited.

I wake up with a smile,sleep with a smile.

You know that kind of life?

That kind of happy life at the beginning of a new relationship except that I don’t have a relationship with anyone.

I’ve been happy because I’ve been counting out my blessings. 

You think you don’t have money for all the luxurious things right? But some people out there have the money but can’t enjoy their money because they are in a coma.

You think you don’t have any one by your side? Yet, many people have so many fake relationships and friendships.

Feeling like you are not where you want to be? Remember that some people are dead. 

There is hope for you, and the life you have right now is one full of hope.

Stop overthinking about the people and things you don’t have in your life and start counting all the things in your life. 

Too many times, we fail to remember all the things we have. And that’s what kills us. That’s what makes many people depressed. 

Start living the life of your dreams, go out today and be the nicest person you know. 

You won’t only make someone’s day but also make yours. 

Only good people are truly ever happy in this world, never forget that. 

I hope this made someone reflect deeper on their life

Be happy to be alive, that’s a good enough reason 

You only live once, remember? 


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