Good music

What is your inspiration ? What moves you ? What is that never fails to motivate you, to get you going or make you happy ?


With good music; I’m in another world, another time, another era.
I’m day dreaming and seeing myself becoming mega successful.
I’m seeing myself happy and satisfied.
My loved ones are happy and excited.
My heart screams with delight.
The wind blows in my face.
I see a beautiful life ahead, one full of wisdom and good descions.
I’m living in my future already.
At that moment I believe in myself; my self esteem is raised.
My face is full of smile.
I’m genuinely happy, alive, with no drama, no headache, no eating disorders
I can feel inner and outer peace.
My hope surfaces.
The rest of my day has just been filled with positivity.
I’m motivated to do my work throughly that moment.

As the song comes to an end, I am moved back to my present reality.
I feel the urge to return to my imaginary transition.
So, I press the replay button.
My day has been made, at that very moment no one can kill my mood.
I repeat my mantra in my head , “Independent,  strong woman” (ISW)
I’m living for that future now, striving to become that woman in me.


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