My answers are here


Everyone has questions about their lives. At least, most of us do.

The most that hunger for answers of questions are those of us who watch our lives change in the twinkle of an eye; those of us who watch the things we believed in disappear; those of us who face a serious mental and emotional damage.

In our state of unhidden and unreserved shock our thoughts dwell on;

‘How did I get here?’

‘When will things get better? How? When? How soon?’

‘What good could possibly come out of this?’

Even though, we were once told that everything happens for a reason, we try to believe but reality stares us in the face and we have doubts in our beliefs. We began to feel cursed.

Yes, I once belonged to that tribe to people until I recently got my answers.

Not until then did everything fall into place.

I’ve made some wonderful decisions in my life, but none has been as good as the decision I made to move on from my past. I was actually advised to do so by my mum and some of my wonderful friends.

I made a decision to get to know myself better, instead of getting to know other people better.

I once asked that someone should love me with their whole heart but now I was asking that I love myself with my whole heart.

Unknown to me, I was walking towards a mountain of independence and freedom.

I stopped caring about what people would think of me and I also stopped worrying about how to make someone somewhere happy instead I worked towards becoming happy.

I feel in love with myself and I felt stronger than ever before.

It honestly wasn’t easy to move on and it took weeks and months for me to get some sort of emotional stability. But it has all been worth it today. I count my blessings every now and then.

I feel so much strength within me and I completely believe in myself.

I feel blessed and luckier than I have ever honestly been in my whole life.

Every single day I faced depression has been absolutely worth the new spirit and vigor I feel in my veins and no one will ever be able to kill such a spirit.

My answers are here and my puzzled has been solved.






4 thoughts on “My answers are here

  1. That is a huge achievement. Congratulations, and celebrate your uniqueness whenever you can. I was so pleased that, for all the Blogs in which I read about people who are desperately trying to find themselves, I have found this where you appear to have done just that! 🙂


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