Why we need change in Lagos ?

I was born in Lagos and I have also lived in Lagos all through my life, so some of the things I have to say concerning Lagos are neither strange or Unknown.
Lagos state has been ruled for about 16 years by the very same set of people, who still feel that they should still continue to rule. I choose to use the word “rule”, because they really haven’t governed their people.  They have imposed their beliefs and policies on us, regardless of how inconvenient it may be.
Let me give the example of the tejuoso market fire incident as I believe that this is a livid example of how Some certain people have punished the masses. The tejuoso fire incident not only killed many people, but also livelihoods of many families. An aunt of mine had a shop there and I can never forget how devastated she looked till she died, when her only means of livelihood was burnt down in the fire.
The new fashola administration then, promised to compensate all the people whose shops were burnt down. The state government embarked on their project by building a new shopping complex for their people. Till date, not even a quarter of the people who lost their shop can afford to rent one of the shops. Even when the market people tried to plead with the government to reduce the rent. He turned them on deaf ears, calling them ungrateful and urging them to take loans from banks to rent the shops. His idea wasn’t initially a bad one, but how does he expect an average meat seller to afford a seven hundred thousand naira shop ( N700,000) per annum? Is that a considerate government ?
The last time I tried to argue this matter with an Apc supporter, he called it a minor issue. But is this really minor ?
This is just one of the many few important punishment that our so called “Apc” leaders caused to the masses. Have a discussion with market woman in Lagos and you will hear about how the state government locks their shops and charge them exorbitant fees all in the name of taxes.
I won’t even bother to dwell on the issue of taxes in Lagos or even the vested interest of some certain individuals in Lagos, who exploit government properties all in the means to enrich themselves. We need change in Lagos, from someone who would see each Lagosian as his own child. And, Jimi Kolawole Abgaje is the man.


I may not be affected of any of the issues in Lagos now, but Lagos is my home and whatever affects other Lagosians is my business. Vote wisely.


3 thoughts on “Why we need change in Lagos ?

  1. Beautiful stated. The problem in Lagos is to deep. Corruption is vastly spreading daily and there is no possible way to find the source. Not only are the politicians and the government corrupt, but also are the inhabitants who are forced to do what they can to survive such harsh conditions placed on us by the law. But there is always hope for a change. And i to, believe that he, might have a chance to initiate the change in Lagos.


  2. That just is the point. Everything you said is verisimilar to the core. Although, you do know that it would be very irrational for PDP to win in Lagos right? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely feel Jimi Agbaje is the best candidate right now. However, Lagos has been denied so many things from the federal government due to the fact that opposing parties have been in power. Lagos should have been way better than it is now, maybe even better than Abuja if not for that circumstance. And now that Lagos finally has a chance to utilize that right to the specific funds and other resources it can derive from the federal government because APC won the presidential election, don’t you think that the most rational and logical decision would be for APC to still be in control of Lagos? I personally feel it’s a hard decision because I prefer Jimi Agbaje as the governor in every area but, that may even put Lagos in a worse situation than it ever was in. All we can do now is pray and leave the rest to God.


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