The Piano


Striking the first key on the piano, I am compelled by a motivating unknown source to strike the second key. As I strike the third key, I am intrigued by the harmony created. I cannot remember the piece, however I have gotten so used to it that my hands coordinate my playing. My day has been extremely taxing and demanding. I remember the musical performance direction “dolcissimo”, I am to play this phrase as sweetly as possible. It consists of a sequence of notes ascending and descending at random Intervals. It is a happy introduction, in fact a pleasant one. I visualize an image of the time when I was born. Although, in reality, I can’t remember this moment. I see smiles on my parents faces, I see pride in their eyes . I am in a different world now, still controlled by my fingers. I continue determined to enjoy the rest of my momentary experience.
Entering the second phrase , I play with “munter ” , that is lively . This part is full of continuously repeated trills, notes going up and down . I see an image of me as a child swinging , trying to reach the zenith of the swing . It is a sunny day and I’m enjoying my self alone . I feel enthusiasm . I have no problems . No troubles . My hands flow along. I sense something that tells me that we are approaching the end of these phrase .
I move on to the next phrase, this is particularly fast. I play it a joking and quick manner . I remember how my teacher had scolded me earlier that day . I also remember my low score in a biology classwork . I feel consolled as I know that these problems and turbulences are a part of my success story .I can hear voices now , I suspect it is my conscience . ” Everything is going to be fine . Everything is going to be alright ” . In transient , I am taken to the next phrase.

Finally , getting to end of my imaginary transition , I play with ease . It is compulsory that I play it slowly . I am still unconscious of what my hands are doing. I feel like an adult . I see my future , I am matured , happy and successful . It is an image filled with positivity . My heart is filled with gratitude to my creator and maker . I’m smiling , I can see all my loved ones doing the same . The piece has come to an end. I am saddened by this , however , I am elevated emotionally . I feel hopeful of my temporary difficulties. Unquestionably , my stressful day has been contrasted into one filled with joy , ease and gratitude The piano , an abstract material has created this beautiful optimism . I feel extremely comfortable . I feel capable of facing my difficulties .


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