Happy birthday Navid


Navid. Navid. Navid. It’s your birthday again and this year I won’t be with you in person, sadly. But I’m using this opportunity to remind you that your few years on earth have actually made an impact in some lives. I look at my new independent self and I wonder if I could ever have gotten to this stage of inner peace without your constant advice and support. I remember so many times when you actually turned my tears to laughter. And, looking back, I remember how truthful you always were about many circumstances, how you made me have moments to forget my depressed thoughts. How you accepted me regardless of our different beliefs. How you constantly infused self confidence in me.
Thanks for always looking  for ways to keep me smiling and thanks for watching me make a mess of things and all the consolations and sincere sympathy . There are only a few in the world like you. Even though your miles away from home, you’ve showed me that miles mean nothing to a true friendship. As you turn, 17 this year I think it’s important you know that you made a big impact on my life. And, I will always be here for you, probably forever.

Happy birthday David Orakpo. Many more years of bountiful blessings and joy. Stay strong, you’re a almost legal. Haha.

Warm regards,
Your big sister.


One thought on “Happy birthday Navid

  1. As always, You manage to leave me speechless every time. Its been an honour for me to get to know you on levels as deep I do. And even more of a privilege to be best friends with you. I’m glad that the little crush I had for you died in its early blossom due to the unfavourable times back then, If things went any other way, not only will that be a failed ambition thanks to hindsight, but I would have lost such a precious and valuable friend. Don’t get me wrong, I’d consider myself lucky to have you but the issues that burden our hearts individually are to cumbersome for our individual selves to bear, talkies of the prospects of “sharing our crosses with each other”. Which we ended up doing nonetheless as our friendship waxed strong in the years to follow. You’ve rescued me from making stupid choices, saved me from the evil ones (no name will be mentioned but we know who these people are), and above all, rescued me from my ever thinking mind that has a hobby of making plain circumstances seem dire. Without your advice, Id probably be in rehab right now for ripping out a throat or two. Thanks for all the kind wishes. You’re in every sense of the word, irreplaceable.

    Always and Forever



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