My mother


I’ve never actually been the family loving type. In fact, I was used to thinking that my family was always going to be there for me. That made me take them for granted. But recently I read Robin Sharma’ s Family Wisdom and it totally made me understand that a good family life was the a very crucial part of becoming a better and happier person. It was about a lady who was so busy getting rich that she had little or no time for her family. Unfortunately for her she got involved in a plane crash, she spent her last minutes regretting not spending time with her family and not showing them enough love. Luckily, she survived and was given the rare opportunity to make things right. The whole book made me feel awful for taking my family for granted. I realised that family was extremely important and appreciating them for always being available was even more important. And that brings me to saying that My mother has been absolutely amazing . She is the most hardworking person I’ve honestly ever met, down to earth and understanding.  Sometimes, when I look at her I cry simply because I get so emotional knowing that she has always been there for me,  showing me love and constantly reminding me that I am going to be a great child. This isn’t something I will ever take for granted again because when she dies my only regret will actually be in not telling her how grateful I am for everything she has done.
                   I love you momma.


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