A new friend


I made a new friend. Actually I think calling her a friend would be to foward. So let me say I meet someone special. I came across her profile on instagram. No, I wasn’t attracted to that profile because she had beautiful pictures or awesome photographs. What made this profile peculiar was that I could see so much pain. The bio was even anonymous, depressed & sad. Every single one of her 623 picture was about death, suicide and how words hurt. She is a young girl, just 15 for that matter and she is miserable. Shockingly she isn’t the first American teenager I’m seeing like that. There are so many other young girls like that living in awful depression. Unfortunately, they follow each other and comment on each others posts. They cut themselves and post the pictures. It’s like a depressed community full of anonymous girls with similar psychological illnesses. And, I feel for them. These are probably people we may know from rich homes and happy families, but with broken hearts and failed friendships. I spoke to her though; I commented on a picture of her where she wrote ” what is the point of living anyways ?”. I told her to stop feeling lowly about herself simply because of what others do and that I hope to talk to her soon. I gave her my email. You have no idea how happy  I was when she replied. She said “thank you so much ! And yeah, I’d love to, but I’d have to wait until my phone isn’t playing up too much aha xxx ” That’s the happiest comment I’ve seen on her profile. I’m actually anticipating her mail, I hope she actually does. Anyone who read my post on “these days” knows I’ve probably been there. I know how it feels to look at your life and see no hope. But then,


One thought on “A new friend

  1. All through my life I’ve seen so many types and variations of suffering. Emotional, psychological and even self inflicted suffering. But out of all these, the worst type of suffering, the most painful heartache, the saddest agony, the longest torment and torture, is the absence of hope. A wise friend of mine once said that the hunger that has its end in sight, can never kill. For this your friend, her hunger is her suffering. Her depression. The afflictions she’s exposed to due to her environment. Her hunger is absence of love. And there is no end in sight for the hunger in her case, or at least there wasn’t any till you contacted her. There are million people that live and endure the pain and hardship of that particular girl. Some are even worse off. They all need some form of hope to cling on to. Some form of end for their hunger. They are in deep need of love and affection. You may not know how deep you have affected the life of that young girl you met on instagram. As at now, she has a drive and passion. She finally has direction. The urge to get her phone fixed can never be greater now. You’ve provided an “end” to her hunger. A light to walk towards. Hope. And if a quarter of the people in my neighbourhood could follow your footsteps, not only would we rescue her from possible suicide, we could rescue others


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