Sadness and depression are results of living attached to challenges and problems. In fact, I used to see happy people as those who had perfect lives. As those with everything they wanted; enough money, latest gadgets and more than enough friends. The truth is ” a perfect life does not exist” no matter how much money or friends we have. In fact, most times these friends are even the issues. I think it’s time I stop looking for perfection and just accept how things are. By accepting, I’m facing my problems without getting attached and I’m taking a step back to deal with them, without emotional or psychological involvement.  That way I  I’d ” be that which the wind cannot blow”



4 thoughts on “Detachment

  1. This is true, however, try as we might it is not always easy, or even possible to remain detached from others. It’s true, happy people are not ones who have
    “perfect lives”, but perhaps they are ones who relate well to or with those they do care about. JMO.

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  2. You can say the perfect life doesn’t really exist but you have people who can always help whenever you ask. You know I’m always there for you so you don’t really need a bunch of friends to attach yourself to be really happy.


  3. A perfect life can only be classified perfect relative to the person living that life. Over 6 billion people are in the world living the same day, but having over six billion interpretations and results of that same day. A perfect life for John could be living in an island with the a family not having to stress over necessities like food or money. While for Peter, a perfect life could be the thrill and emotion experienced as he runs 100m daily and lives off his passion. And who knows what Andrew, James and, Paul view as perfect lives…. But what they all have in common is the unknown fact that a perfect life is the one in which they live in everyday. As long as your alive, you’re in your own perfect life


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