The day I die


No, I’m certainly not thinking about dying yet.  I’m simply thinking of the things I want to have accomplished before then. Just like every other sane seventeen year old, I believe I have many more beautiful years ahead. Gone are the days when I wanted to live like a particular person or a novel or movie character.  As a matter of fact, the only life I want is one that is for me; my own unique story that everyone will admire.  I want to live a life that I will love, full of people who I will love.  I want my own adventure, with its challenges and trials; there would be no essence of life without them.  I want to watch my parents grow old and give them  wonderful burials. It would also be a privilege to still stick to some of my wonderful friends. I want my own original love story with someone that would be extremely worth it.  Although, I don’t like babies I think it will be lovely to have kids.  I want to take over my mum’s business as well as set up some others and work to make my customers smile. I believe that this is the only way that success will chase me.  I want to take big risks and maybe fail sometimes, this will allow me not to forget myself in the pleasures of the world. And, will remind me about who I am and what I have to do. It is also said that only strong people can withstand  adversity and hard times . Since, I want to be strong I think adversity will build my strength.  Alongside with all I have mentioned, I want to help people and create smiles on some faces.  I believe that this is the best way for me to live a fulfilled life.  I hope to die smiling in my heart as I leave this beautiful world knowing that I had made my own impact by achieving most of these things I plan to do. The day I die should surely be a time for everyone to see me as someone who had made a special and significant mark by living a life of fulfillment and not one of deep regret.


One thought on “The day I die

  1. You already have a significant life with people who see you as special. In this life, try as much as possible to do anything but regret. Cuz regret will just lead to depression and that can lead to death. Then, what you’re running away from would end up being what you’re running to. So live your life without regrets.


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