New year. New Goals.


I’m on a new yacht now. At least, my mind and heart are on good terms now.  My heart can finally see that my mind probably made some really good descions at the end of last year. Well, since I’m not into resolutions and all; I made a decision that I hope to keep this year. That is, to write more about my personal problems and how I’m facing them. This descion was influenced by a friend of mine who felt inspired by my other posts. I feel like this could actually help people. And, writing here also relaxes my mind and makes me think wiser of my challenges. Many teenagers and even adults go through the same issue of betrayal, loneliness, heartbreak and depression. I believe that my little words may actually help this people realise what they have to do to be where they want to be. Due to this, I have something to share with whosoever is reading this now.  It’s actually from my daily inspiration book by Robin Sharma.                                            “When I was growing up, my father, translating a Sanskrit saying, shared something with me that I will never forget. He said ” Son, when you were born, you cried while the world rejoiced.  Live your life in such a way that when you die the world cries while you rejoice. ” we live in an age when we have forgotten what life is all about.  We can easily put a person on the moon, yet we have trouble walking across the street to meet a new neighbour. We have technology to help us stay connected, yet in many ways we have never been less connected in the history of humankind.  We know more than ever, yet we also know less, about what it means to be truly great- as a human being”                                           This took me quite a while to understand though, but it takes a seeker of happiness to understand what Robin meant. Have a wonderful year trying to make yourself unforgettable in the lives of others.


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