Those days


There’s this sickness called ‘depression’. Just like many other psychological illness it occurs for different reasons, degree and ways. For me, its like an inner distressed condition and something i constantly have to hide. Physically, I look normal. I act normal & I laugh normally. In fact, I look like just like I looked earlier this year when I was emotionally  happy. A lot has changed now. My life as a whole has changed. I now have to wake up each day and tell myself that I’d be able to pass through the day. I now have to try to force my smile and make people think that everything is okay. I have to hide my thoughts, fears and feelings from everyone. Finally, I have succeeded in building high walls around myself. I like the new walls though. It kind of feels good that my friends don’t see me as weak. The only thing I need is to have a good stay in my wall.


These days, I hardly sleep at night; my eyes are closed, but I’m just thinking deeply of everything that has happened to me and how happy I used to be. I want to forgive myself for how badly I made some terrible decisions this year and performing some disgraceful actions. I want to sleep every night being assured that something good will come the next day. I want to look into the mirror and say ‘ Emma, your the most perfect person ever’ and believe it just like I did once. I want to know that I have the best of everything. But now, my heart doesn’t trust me anymore. She doesn’t understand why I let the things that make me happy slip away easily. And, I cant even defend my actions anymore. If I had a cane, I may just flog myself till I’m unconscious. Thinking about the people that I have lost, just makes me feel worse. Surprisingly, I spend so much time doing this. I don’t need them now that I know that ‘sometimes what want isn’t actually what we need’.

I’m looking for genuine strength to carry on the rest of this year. I’m drowning in myself all in vain to be strong and feel emotionless.I feel lost and alone. I just want to find happiness with myself and learn to forgive it too.

And, maybe someday, I would find genuine happiness in my walls.


2 thoughts on “Those days

  1. Reblogged this on purplestarfishbooks and commented:
    Powerful words those. Behind the walls is a good place to be initially, while you are healing and rebuilding your inner strength to face the world again. Don’t live back there though. You are a beautiful person, you would be denying everyone of that person if you do. The only sure thing in this life is change. No matter how tough, or ugly, or bewildering a day may be, know that it cannot last beyond 24 hours. I use that and have used it many times Emma. It will happen. I hope you will say the following to that person you see in the mirror the next time you look: “I am a decent, kind and loving person. I have made some poor choices, yes, but I am no different than all other humans who also have. I will forgive myself, I will forgive others, I will move forward.” Don’t let anyone try to tell you to “snap out of it.” That doesn’t work, and it never happens. Depression, life’s problems, and other things like that are like the flu, they take a certain amount of time to run their course. Once that time has passed, you will be fine. No matter the outcome of all of the individual issues, you will come out from it on the other side to revive again, to survive again. to live again. Be well my friend. I am always here as a sounding board.


    1. Thanks for your kind generous words. Pain and depression are necessary for us to understand ourselves better. It’s important we recover and become better people. This is the only way we can make the most of life. Hope to talk to you soon.


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