The other morning

Spending my few minutes before dawn thinking of my life,
she reminds me of my failures and shortcomings
my disappointments scream at my face.
I squeeze my hands, I’m tempted to react.
I badly want to resist this treatment.
But no, I’m forced to remember a time;
A time when i excitedly wished for sunshine,
but saw thunderstorms.
I cry, and my tears flood my pillows.
I feel alone and lost.
But no, i do not wish to discuss this with anyone.
I try to set her words on deaf years.
My heart however refuses this.
Its a terrible morning the worst way to start a day.
I feel depressed and morose.
I feel lonely and suppressed.
My spirit scatters in shreds.
I hope this is just one of those bad days
And i hope this never happens again
This is not what i need.
No one understands
No one should know.
I console my heart that sunshine will come
my mind sheds some doubts, but my soul
refuses to be discouraged
I smile to myself.
Better days are close. And my body, soul and spirit now bestow.
This is the only way i can stay sane.


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