Money doesn’t make rich people, practices do

Some of the best conversations I have had, have been with my present roommates. A night ago, a roommate and I had a long conversation about how money works and why the middle class remains in the middle. We spoke about the popular “old money” owned by families for over generations, the one percent and the other ninety-nine percent in America.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 11.31.25 AMWhile growing up I was curious about these types of topics, I was curious as to why so many people worked hard and still never made it to the one percent. I have met well-educated people with barely any knowledge of finances.

Then I came across two successful men, who have spent a great of time trying to create awareness for financial literacy, which I think is a big solution to economic inequality today. Earl Nightingale and Robert Kiyashaki changed my understanding of The Rich and how they operate differently.

Now, many of us like to dwell with the idea that people are rich because their families have acquired large wealth over a large period of time, we fail to remember that money is very fleeting and doesn’t last very long unless it multiplies. But yet, we argue that the money has kept them going. In reality, the money isn’t what makes the rich richer, its their financial practices that do. Majority of these rich families not only educate their children and relatives academically but also financially. And many people today lack financial literacy but not educational literacy. Which explains why only a few have all the wealth.

If you still do not believe this, then I ask you this: If you were given $1m today, how capable are you to invest it well and make it grow in five years? 

Many people will probably say, “yes” but in reality only those who have a great deal of knowledge about how money works can. Why do you think the education system failed to teach you how to be financially literate? The education system for most part fosters the middle class. In order words, Financial literacy is the real solution to economic equality not education. Education definitely has a lot  advantages but I do not think economic equality is one of them.

If you still don’t understand this post, watch out for the next one.




What Successful People know

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 10.48.06 AMAnyone who has listened to Jim Rohn or  Earl Nightingale, two of America’s legendary leaders of personal development and motivation knows that there are rules to be successful in any area of our lives.

After reading  the book of one of my favorite authors, I was glad to have come across some of the most priceless rules.

“Retire Young Retire Rich” by Robert Kiyosaki. In his book, I came across a very valuable yet simple piece of advice for people who plan to be successful. And it was so simple, so obvious, so easy, but according to him only a few have been able to imbibe them in today’s world. After being almost out of money and leaving his failing business at the age of 37 and , he retired rich at the age of 46. Being continuously asked how he had managed to become successful, he wrote,

Whenever I tell this story, the question I am asked is, “How ? How did you do it’? I then say, “It’s not about the how. It is about why. ‘”Without the why, the how would be impossible”

To be successful in anything in life, from successfully being a good mother to being a business tycoon, It is not the how to but why we do that is important. It is the why that gives you the power to do the how to.

According to Robert’s dad, “The reason most people do not do what they can do is because they do not have a strong enough why. Once you find the why, it is easy to find your how


In the process of growth we often forget ourselves

It is really easy to forget how far one has come just by thinking how much one is still yet to learn.

As a strong believer of the capacity of a human being to consciously elevate their lives, I easily find myself feeling bad or even sorrowful just by thinking about how much work I’m yet to still do on myself.

I need to work on being a better listener, I need to read more books. Wow, I need to try to work out more regularly to stay fit. When will my French become fluent? When will I get my life together ? 

Those are the questions I frequently ask myself.

I ask myself these sorts of questions so often that I forget how much I have grown as a person. I forget that my growth is a process and most importantly, I forget who I am now and how I have grown into a person of value.

More than ever, I wake up every day doing the very things that make my heart leap. I forget that I have finally become the person that consciously tries to surround myself with like-minded people and not just every person that smiled at me. I have grown into a young lady, who once craved people’s attention and numerous friendships, but is gradually enjoying solitude while maintaining the amazing friends she already has.

Few days ago, I asked some of my closest friends to define me with two words that made me different from others. Their replies warmed my heart and reminded me of how much I had changed  and some even mentioned that I still argue a lot (one of my annoying traits that I am still working on). Their replies brought about a new realization.

What I need is to  get a poster in my room to remind me that I am doing just fine and that eventually everything will come into place.

With dreams and goals as big as mine, It is essential that I have something that reminds me of all my progress, especially during the times when I feel like giving up on myself.



I can remember while growing up, from time to time, I’d see really small white lights coming towards me. There were usually many of them, from different directions. 

I always wondered what they were ? And if I was the only one who experienced it? They usually came during moments when I was either very happy or very sad. For me, sometimes they were a constant reminder of how special I was and other days, they were to uplift and remind me of my purpose and the love in me. 

I think it’s essential that each and everyone pinpoints what makes them special and unique. It doesn’t have to be something you experience alone. Little thoughts like this have the power of changing our lives and imbibing purpose in our souls. If you feel special, you will eventually be special. 

I may have just saw one of the tiny lights pass by again.

-Thanks for reading, 


Every single time I pick up Robin Sharma’s discover your destiny, I have always been incredibly surprised by the amount of  wisdom and answers about life that it contains.  Felt like sharing some wise words I came across today.

Forgiveness is something you do for yourself. When you have not forgiven someone, it is almost as if you are carrying that person on your back-which is a very heavy load. Forgiving them is simply seeing that people in pain do painful things, people who hurt other people have themselves been hurt. People who do not love themselves cannot show love to others. And people who do not have any self-respect have no idea how to respect others. Keep on remembering this and you will be set free –Robin Sharma, Discover your destiny. Chapter 6; The seeker walks into wonder and possibility. 

My 2016 #blessed 

2016 began in what I had once assumed to be the most perfect image my life had ever been.

However, God used life to teach me new lessons about knowing those who are worth my time, friendships and value. He also made me realize the potential of my mind and brains.

I watched a lot of friendships end for good and gradually I became surrounded by so much love and encouragement, that I slept most nights thanking God for how lucky and blessed I was. I had learned that the number of friends don’t matter if  they do not have the spirit of love in their heart. And I came to see how important and beautiful my family is, despite all our impections.

I watched the Nigerian economy deteriorate in ways that no one could have ever imagine and I also watched as God proved to me that, I was a treasure and destined for nothing less than greatness, a channel to make the world a better place.

I watched myself show love to a lot of people this year and encouraged them to rise to their full potential both strangers and people I already knew. I joined an organization, Texas economics association,that changed my life for the better and taught me so many things I never thought I’d ever know. I took some classes that challenged some of my inflexible and insensitive approach to the experiences of others.
None of this came easy as nothing good comes cheap. I went through a lot of mental change this year, channeled a lot of postivity, read and listened to so many financial gurus. I made resolutions and made up my mind to retire at the age of 40, unbelievable right? But I learned that only those who make serious financial plans will ever get results. 

This is not to say that I did not have my share of burdens and what others call “failures” even though they are teachers in disguise, in fact I looked for all the silver linings in every heartbreaking situation I encountered. 

2016 was the year I realized the abundant blessings of showing love in a world were being mean and a bitch is considered as cool and admirable. It is no surprise that this same world is filled with so much disregard towards humanity. It was also the year I discovered that knowing my self worth determines the caliber and substance of people that surround me. Once you do the right things, the right type of people will naturally settle into your life. 

I’m hopeful for a better 2017. I’m looking forward, most importantly,to be a better friend and family member to those around me, since I enjoy seeing postive changes in myself. I also look forward to more achivements, lessons, new beginning, challenges and postive friendships, what is life without those ?

To the few

To the few who have spent their whole lives trying to make others smile,
To the busy worms that barely have time for themselves,
To the warm hearts that are constantly thinking of making the world a better place,

Fall in love with yourself.

Do you know your favorite colors? Take time to find out.

What do you like to do for fun? Think about it.

Have have changed for the better ? How are you now?

Are the people you surround yourself with  helping you become a better person? If no, change them.

When last did you appreciate your family members and remind them how much you love them? If no, then do so.

Who was the last person you spoke to? Did they impact positively in you? If they didn’t, avoid people who waste your time on pointless arguments and the negativities of life.

Do you like what you see in the mirror everyday? If no, fall in love with yourself.

Its no crime, and its doesn’t cost much to think about yourself for at lease ten to twenty minutes a day.
Find time to treat yourself, spend some alone time meditating and think about your priorities.

Start a journal, this will let you to keep memories and important events. All US presidents keep one, so why shouldn’t you?

Reset your goals, watch a motivational short seminar on youtube by Jim Rohn, to change your life.

Learn to relax.

Life can sometimes be good, and other times bad. Appreciate the good days, and don’t let the bad days shrink you.

Stay positive and remain focused.

You are special and if you don’t think about yourself enough, you may never find anyone to think about you the way you really deserve.